Jan 5, 2011

It's like a blog, only it's not...

So my buddy Moons (aka Jim) and I have been kicking around the idea of a blog for a while.  Moons recently became adamant that we start the blog ASAP because he felt he needed a space to rant about things.  I think what he really meant was "My girlfriend is done listening to my bullshit," but only he can confirm that.  I suppose most sports and music will dominate the discussion here, but I don't think any topic will be off limits.  

As some background, both Moons and I graduated from Notre Dame in 2005.  Both of us also have JDs and practice law.  One of us is competent.  If the Domers are rolling, then all is good in the world; but if there is struggle in the land of the Irish, watch out.  Jim is from the DirtyDirty, and I live on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities. Moons wasn't much of an athlete after Little League Baseball, but I'm a hell of a golfer.  In fact, I have the course record at 14 courses on EA Sports Tiger Woods.  I will give Jim some credit, though, because he is a fantastic cook.  Brent's Future Prediction no. 1: Jim will make Alton Brown his bitch within the next 15 years.  Jim and I both learned how to play guitar around the same time, and during college we jammed a lot.  We got pretty good, and honestly, so many coeds loved our singing that the football players were jealous.  That's really saying something, considering that, besides us, nobody else on campus got any besides the football team and Chris Thomas.

Anyway, that is a short intro, but it should suffice.  Anyone who knows me knows that short is par for the course.  Hopefully we can not only bring some good discussion and/or insight to the table, but we can also bring you some laughs.

Play ball.

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